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PLAN AHEAD: Ramp Closure
Continues at McClugage

The Illinois Department of Transportation reminds motorists that the ramp from northbound Adams Street (Illinois 29) to eastbound War Memorial Drive (US 150) remains closed to allow for its removal as part of the McClugage Bridge project.


Motorists wanting to use eastbound War Memorial from northbound Adams Street will turn left at the newly installed signal at the intersection (see map).


This traffic pattern will remain in place until the opening of the new McClugage Bridge, which is expected in Fall of 2024 with demolition going into 2025.

Arching toward the finish line
Construction of iconic bridge top underway

The new eastbound McClugage Bridge is entering the home stretch of construction, on track to deliver wider lanes, new shoulders, easier merging and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations for Peoria in 2024.


With the bridge foundation complete, focus has shifted to construction of a new 650-foot arch that is being assembled 300 yards south of bridge site before being floated and lifted onto the newly constructed eastbound bridge piers. 


Once the arch is fully assembled, barges will be placed under the temporary towers currently holding the arch as it is put together. The arch will then be raised up slightly and floated into place as a whole unit. A tugboat will get the arch close to its final location. At that point the barges will be attached to the existing eastbound piers. The cables holding the barges will be hooked to winches and those winches will be used to make fine adjustments to the location of the arch. Once the arch is in the exact location it needs to be, it will be lowered onto the piers. All raising and lowering throughout the process will be accomplished using hydraulic jacks.


After more than 70 years of serving the Peoria metro area, the eastbound McClugage Bridge will be removed and replaced with a new structure to meet the region’s transportation needs. Potential alternatives for a new bridge were examined and public comments were considered in the initial phases of the project, allowing construction to begin in the Spring of 2019.


In order to improve capacity, increase safety and reduce travel times, the new McClugage Bridge will replace the existing structure. Continuing IDOTs focus on improving multimodal capabilities and strengthening the traveling experience, the new bridge will include bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. The new McClugage bridge is expected to be completed in 2023.

News & Events

Governor Tours 
McClugage Construction

Leaders highlight benefits for Peoria region

Gov. JB Pritzker was joined by state and community leaders in touring the ongoing construction of the new eastbound McClugage bridge and highlighting the many benefits the project will deliver to the Peoria region.

Diversity &

IDOT ensures employment opportunities, transportation programs, activities and services are provided in a non-discriminatory manner in accordance with state and federal law.

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